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Mi Band 4 - alarms disappears after a while

I setted up 2 recurrent alarms from Mi Band & Notify. Both are set from monday to friday.
I can see the alarms on the Mi Band 4, but after a while (don't know how much) if I go back to the alarms page on the band, I can't see the alarms and all I see is this message: "Set alarms on Mi Fit".
If I disable and re-enable the alarms on the app, the alarms come back to the band, but just for a limited amount of time.

PS: on the Mi Fit I don't have any alarms configured.


  • Me too. And only 2. Band does not wake me up. Never I see all 4 alarms I set to be sure I get out of bed. They don't work either. Only one, randomly picked at 08.00. I want 08.00 as third alarm, not as first and only.
    It DID work on mi band 3 so I know it CAN work...

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    Me too, on mi band 4. Alarms disappeared on the band, maybe a bug? Original Mi fit app installed, but i don't have any allarm configured on the app.

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