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Remove watchfaces from startscreen

When in Settings I toggle "hide miband mods" OFF, the watchfaces are still there after restarting the app. Am I missing something? I'm not interested in these - with manga images or half naked girls on my start screen... Wish I could remove them.


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    Sorry. I'm not explainining it clearly.
    I mean that I want to turn the custom watchfaces off/remove them from start screen.
    So I toggle "Hide MiBand Mods" to ON. (Not off.)
    It's complicated...

    What's more, when I see the custom watchfaces, and I go to settings, the Hide MiBand Mods toggle thingy is still ON.
    On of Off, it seems to make no difference...
    Can somebody help me out here?

  • Removed app, reinstalled. Lost some data. But mods are gone.

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