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last update has to have a bug - it disconnects every few minutes (to the app) +sleep HR

8.9.6 exactly - before it was only occassionally, now at least the first 2 days it has been disconnecting to the application (also prompting on the band). I'm sure at 99% it is app not band, as it stays connected to BT at the same time. of course I disconnected, restarted, etc.

There are also problems with HR or sleep data (that happens indifferently to the app version). Sometimes for quite unknown reason there is no HR data saved from the night/sleep acrivity or no checking HR at all. One night I saw it checking (light), but next morning there was no measurements at all...

It happened also (lost of data it seems) for steps by the way.

Your explanations/options do not help - I have no idea which option is SURE - only MiBand or mixed? I tried both and it seems there is no difference.

In general I do NOT understand what for is the option to check HR every 30minutes (for instance), if it seems that MiBand is checking it continuously. No such possibility to have only 30 minutes checks.

Also why there are many places to switch the same option? If I decide sth. in HR tag, why this is doubled in sleep tag? One may think it is sth. different.

You should 'clear up' your application as it is confusing sometimes.


  • I have the same problem too! I was using the interval timer on the app when it crashed on me. The phone was right beside me and it says disconnected

  • I read many but amny comments on google play regarding disconnection problems - and many but amny of them are months 'old' - so unfortunately it means the developer is NOT interested to solve it - I wonder why people give 5 stars or buy pro version

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