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Notifications not removed when removed from phone


I have purchased my Amazfit Verge yesterday and also bought the PRO version of notify app, I like it, although it would be better if I didn't have to run the original app (for Verge, it requires the original app).
Anyway, my only problem so far is that all notifications remain on the watch even when they are removed from phone notifications. My understanding is that it should be removed when the notification is removed from phone, unless the "Keep notification on watch" setting is turned on, which isn't the case here.
Do you have any suggestion how can I solve that?
I have Xiaomi Pocophone F1 with Android 9.



  • I'm afraid this forum is a bit defunct - I have Mi Band and I do (I think I have to) it from the MiBand level, taht is cancelling it using button on the band - if you have this possibility on your watch (I suppose so), probably you have to do it as well. In MiBand it is NOT removed even if it is removed from the phone.

  • Then I don't understand the purpose of the "Keep notification on watch" setting. The description says "Do not remove the notification on band when it gets removed on phone", so I thought if this setting is not enabled then if it's removed from phone, it should be removed from band automatically.

  • Also it seems that the data is not synchronized automatically even though it should, it only synchronizes when I open the application (but it doesn't get killed, the notification is still present)

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    well I'm not the developer nor formal informatic, but I noticed that quite often (everywhere) products are not checked at all for all circumstances. And there are additional complication with system version, hardweare, etc...

    When I create a webpage (for instance) I check it and recech it also on different browsers. So at 99% it works for most users. Most developers don't.

    Ih this application and/or Mi Band I have some recurring problems (it seems that others also have similar), which could be bugs inside application or MiBand as well - there is no way to determine it.

    For instance for some time sleep data were gathered correct, but for few days there is no HR measuring. The problem is that in the application there are few places (at least 2) to set things which could make conflict.

    I do not understand why it is so somplicated, and not explained well in description. I allways suggest to make as simple as possible.

    Data sync is another problem, it disconnects, loses some data, etc...

    For such reasons I'm reluctant to pay for applications which are not perfect - and mostly they're not.

  • Well, yeah, at least if the developer communicated with clients, I have also tried to contact him directly using the email address in the play store, but I got no reply so far. If it was a free application, then it's fine, people can do it in their free time, do not have time to support it etc., but if someone is selling an application, he should either at least respond to questions from their paid clients or release the app for free if he doesn't have time to support it anymore.
    Anyway, I'm still quite OK with the app, the primary reason I installed it for were the notifications from phone which work (and they can be customized more than in the official app)...

  • you're perfectly right - the app seems interesting, but this attitude drives me mad - and you know perfectly well how difficult is to find anything worth installing on this stupid google play - you have to downlowad and try every app to find out that half or all what is posted in the info is plain lie... then there is this mistery of giving so generously 5 stars to apps that are problematic - really people do make harm themselves without any sense

    in this case I do not understand why he does not fix these buigs, if he releases (not through google shop which is strange for me) updates quite often

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