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Sleep results display - needs 2 day resyncing to display

Pro version Amazfit notify v 8.8.14
Amazefit bip firmware version
UK language

Heres the problem.
Each time I get up (I work shifts so the time varies either am or pm) & I open the app I see the synching message down bottom & after a while the steps & heart rate results show up... but not the sleep

I have to long press the bar down bottom & select 'synch last 2 days from amazefit' then it shows up

The sleep options I have are 'monitor heart' on, 'sleep analyis 4.7', 'sleep analyst level' very accurate, 'analyse all day' on. Everything else is off
I do not have official miifit app installed either

I admit this has improved since the previous update where beforehand I had to try every 'recalculate' or 'resynch' option & then it eventually displayed (sorry can't remember which order eventually worked)


  • UPDATE: Just got the latest update (8.8.17) & the sleep synch problem seems to be fixed

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