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Weight values missing

I use the mi scale 2 since 01.04.2019 and had never problems but since last week the muscle and bone values are missing in my measurements. Furthmerore, the water value is unusual low (approx. 40 %), with correct measures I always had at least 56 %. Does anybody expierenced the same problem and has a solution for me?


  • Same here. No solution. I think the cloud that does the calc. is failing.

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    Good to know that I´m not alone and that it is an app problem. The measures with the offical MiFit app seem to be correct. At 04.06.2019 I had a normal measure but today problem occurred again. I hope the developer will fix the problem soon.

  • Just tried this morning and seems working. I use this app mainly to track work out and sync with Strava and have uninstalled Mi Fit since then. Hopefully the calc issue will be stabilized.

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