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New Amazfit BIP Firmware

This week I received the newest firmware for my Amazfit BIP (V1.1.5.36). Usually I use Notify without the MiFit App. But now with the current version 8.7.11 the BIP appears in spanish instead english (or, when translation would be goo, german). So I have to use the MiFit App again to use BIP as normal. Is there an Notify Update comming soon?


  • Nobody else with that problem?

  • Went back to the old FW by notify app... New firmware fonts too small and crashes during notification... Old firmware does it for me...

  • With version 8.8 i can choose Germany in Notify and now it works. Thank's !

  • Had similar problem with .16 fw. However it was coz I flashed latin fw, not the right one. Now I have english lang and seems to have an missing update to install ;)

  • Hmm. I already have fw from MiFit 4.0.0 apk and N&F days it's, not .36. I downloaded 4.0.1 and 4.0.2 and there seem to be no Mili_chaohu.fw, Mili_chaohu.res and Mili_dth.gps...
    So how can I get

  • I am facing the same problems with the MiFit versions...no Mili_chaohu.fw etc. included...

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