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Alarms are dismissed automatically BIP

I am on latest firmware and latest app version 8.6.1 PRO version

I tried reinstalling the firmware .. factory resetting the band .. i tried everything i could yet i am always having the same problem.

Alarms stay for maximum 30 s then get dismissed automatically (whether snooze option is on or off)

Anyone having the same issue ?


  • It seems it s a firmware bug because even with Mi fit app alarms are getting dismissed in 30 sec automatically.

  • i downgraded to version .. same issue :disappointed:

  • i downgraded to version .. same issue .. :dizzy:

    I don't know if it is only me ! But i never had this before :(

  • I think this is a feature of the firmware, that's released by Xiaomi/Huami and the Notify app has nothing to do with it. AFAIK.

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