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New message received, please view it on the phone

"New message received, please view it on the phone"

This is what I see rather than messages. I have a new OnePlus 6t phone updated to Android 9 (Pie), the latest version of Notify and Fitness, and latest Amazfit Bip firmware. I have done a lot of playing around with various settings without making any progress.
Oh, I do have the MiFit app running with N&F. That is for the convenience of auto updates and auto GPS updates

Furthermore, it was set up to simply display text messages and incoming calls. Now my Amazfit vibrates and displays the "view it on phone" message for email, new notifications, and maybe other notifications as well.

Don't know if this has something to do with Android 9 or maybe OnePlus' OxygenOS. Looking for someone else experiencing this. I have made no progress fixing this.


  • I've got the same thing happening on my P20 Pro on Android 9. It doesn't happen all the time though but it is making me consider removing this app. Let me know if you figure it out and ill do the same.

  • I have not figured it out yet. Today I went back to my Fitbit Charge 2 and Fitbit app and was able to get that to show me SMS texts and phone IDs. So it would not seem to be a phone, Android Pie, or Bluetooth thing. Well, it could still have something to do with the OxygenOS.

    The Notify and Fitness app is working better with the new phone in terms of synching, much more reliable for me. And it is obviously communicating with the Amazfit bip, just not showing the actual txt.

    Do you run N & F by itself, or do you also have MiFit active as well?

  • I have SMS text displaying on the Amazfit bip now. But don't ask me how I got there. I played with and changed so many settings I do not know how I succeeded.

    I can say with this new oneplus phone and notify and fitness, EVERY notification seems to want to show up on the watch display, with the new message received, check your phone. I have stopped most of them but one or two is still getting through. Trying to have the notifications show up on the phone but not the watch except for SMS and phone calls. Closer than I was going into the weekend.

    I will try to go back and document my setting in the phone and notify and fitness when I can find time.

  • In order to fix this issue, i usually go in to APPS menu in NF and choose any of the apps and touch it, then comes up the notification settings for that app (Basics Tab) just press "Test" at the bottom of the menu, then back and it asks you if you want to save the settings, press "Yes" and thats it, when i do this i can see the text in the notifications instead of "New message received, please view it on the phone". The problem reoccur sometimes and i do this again.

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  • I found out that most app messages works ONLY when you choose app icon, otherwise will not send text of the message. I wonder why it is NOT stated there. Check if it works for you.

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