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Cycling pause time on Amazfit bip

I have a problem with the app showing the total time of the workout activity. For example, if you go biking for an hour, you stop, and also you pause the watch for 30 mins (for example), and then you continue for another hour:
Mifit computes 2 hour workout.
Notify computes 2,5 hours. So the average speed also changes.
This wrong data is also exported to Strava.

¿Are you going to fix this issue?


  • Any feedback or comment?
    Are you going to fix this?

  • I notice this issue! I didn't have this issue before, my last Bip was robbed. I bought a new one, and I don't know if are a config or is a bug.

  • The new version (8.3.1) fixed this problem! o/ my last workout synced wihtout that problem, the app analyzed the data correctly.

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