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V6.1.5 home screen and widgets not updating

Since installing v6.1.5 on my pixel the info on the home screen is not updating to match the individual tabs (like steps and calories) also the summary widget that gives steps, sleep, latest heart rate etc only seems to update if I restart the phone. (Update frequency in settings set to 5 minutes) . Right now it is still showing yesterday's numbers.


  • 6.1.5? Is it the one for Amazfit?
    O have 6.1.3 and don't see any available update

  • No. Mi band 1S.

  • Same here with version 6.1.5 and MiBand 2. The widget for quick training is also broken an without any function.

  • Still not working with version 6.2.3. please fix asap.

  • Widget for quick training still broken with 6.2.4

  • edited June 2018

    Still no improvement with version 6.2.10. I think it's time to say goodbye. Developer seems to put his focus on adding bling bling stuff instead of maintaining core functions. Very disappointing

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