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Unable to use without mi fit installed

Hello, i cannot use my amazfit pace with Notify ans Fitness only.
When i uninstall mi fit, i have the icon with the phone and watch linked by the arrows.
I tried toi reinstall the firmware, erase bluetooth cache... But nothing works.
I'd like to use the watch with only notify, how Can i do?


  • Just to make sure:
    Before removing Mi fit app, did you UNpair the Mi fit app with the watch?
    If not, install Mi fit again, Pair and after that Unpair.
    If needed, remove in Bluetooth the connection with the watch.

    Then try again with N&F

  • Yes, i have unpaired the watch in mi fit before uninstalling it.
    I had no connection on bluetooth with the watch, but i removed the cache and Allah connections in bluetooth.

  • Do you get an error when trying to Pair the N&F app with the watch?
    If so, what is the error?
    If not, try to make a bluetooth connection by hand between watch and phone, then start N&F again and try to repair.
    Maybe that helps.

  • Did you take a look at "With Mi Fit or without Mi Fit?" discussion? It worked for me!

  • I've just tried to make a bluetooth connection by hand, but i still have the same picture on the watch.b
    I have no error in n&f, it connects well.
    I will try to review the thread momiki states.

  • This time it worked ;) the décisive step was to update and save my profile to the watch.
    Thanks for your support !

  • Glad to know you got it!!
    For me too step 7 was the definitive solution.
    You are welcome!

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