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[5.5.6] Annoying notification sound

edited April 2018 in Problems

There is a problem with the newest version 5.5.6: every time you enter in the app or the notification is auto refreshed there is a notification sound played in the mobile. Its really annoying.

Previous versions were silent.

Im using android 8.1.0.

More info: if you put phone in silent mode it vibrates twice instead of play the notification sound.
The way to get rid of these sounds/vibratios is uncheck the "Prevent app get killed (show notification)" option.

Again more info: in the android notification center for this app there are two categories. One of them is named "running" and its the one causing this behaviour. It can be disabled from there.

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  • This just drove me mad for a while, I had updated my phone firmware and thought I had done something wrong.

  • Another effect of the new notification: now it's always shown, even in lock screen.

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