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Sleep is a FREE feature, you never pay for any sleep feature. PRO license is for other features (notifications, workouts, ...)
If you are running a recent firmware version on your band, you should use default or V8.0 sleep analysis version to get results similar to official app (results may be different). To change sleep analysis version go on the sleep settings.

ZeppOS devices: Mi Band 7, GTR 3, GTR 3 Pro, GTS 3, T-Rex 2, GTS Mini 4, Amazfit Band
Please use the default 8.0 sleep analysis version to get sleep results. V4.7 may not calculate any sleep data.

Wrong sleep results
Please use the default or 8.0 sleep analysis version to get best results with latest firmware version

Sleep REM analysis
You have to use default or 8.0 sleep analysis version.
Only supported (new) band can calculate REM: gtr, gts, band 5, rex, zepp, ...
Ensure you have a recent firmware version installed.

Sleep turnover
You have to use default or 6.2 sleep analysis version to be able get turnover parameter calculated

Sleep during day time
Defaul sleep analysis (version 8) doesn't support sleep tracking during day time.
There is a beta feature on the sleep analysis v 4.7 to allow calculate sleep also during day time. You can enable that option on sleep more options.
We suggest use sleep analysis V4.7 to track sleep better during day time.
Notice: Sleep V4.7 may not calculate accurate night sleep data when using a recent firmware (REM sleep)

Track sleep without wearing band
Set the sleep analysis version to airplane or DND mode on the sleep settings.
Sleep parser Airplane or Do not disturb phone modes will prevent calculated any sleep data from band data, so first please ensure you have Default sleep parser mode enabled

Sleep statistics is different compared to official app
Notify app uses a different sleep algorithm to calculate sleep statistics. So you may get results different compared to official app.
We suggest use the default sleep parser to get best results similar to official app

Official app installed

Please first always sync data on notify app and then on official mi fit app
Disable "Wake up notifications" and "Activity stats notifications" on official Mi Fit app

Some sleep data is missing?

1) Ensure data has been synced from band, if not you can force data resync like showed below or just skip to next step
Please notice, this tutorial works only if data is still saved on band. If data has been deleted by official Mi Fit app, or by repairing band, or after a firmware update, you will not be able fetch the old data.

2) If data has been synced correctly, you can proceed with sleep re-calculation:
Do not pick too many days at once (max 3-4 days at once), or algorithm may fail

How change sleep analysis version

New notify version 5.5.6 added new sleep analysis V6.2
If you are using an old firmware version on your band you may need choose an older sleep analysis version like V4 or V2
You can change the sleep analysis version on sleep more options

Please notice V1, V2, V6 versions are cloud bases, it means an internet connection is required. NO DATA WILL BE SAVED ON CLOUD, data will be just uploaded to calculate sleep statistics and then will be not kept anywhere.
So data will be kept only on your device, as usually, you have to export a data backup (or enable an auto backup) to keep your data saved if you reset/change phone.

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