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Bip FW 1.1.14 support?

After accidently opening mi fit and have it shove a firmware update on my watch without permission , notify is no longer working. It seems 1.1.14 has been out for the better part of a week. When should I expect an update.


  • I am already running a few days with 1.1.15, but use Android.
    Installed it via the N&F app and not via Mi fit.

  • hmm .. notify still says im running 1.0.86 (or something like that). when i try to upload watchface/etc. the app hangs until killed sitting at 0% uploaded. Also every sync fails with "you might need to re-pair watch".

    i tried this with wi fit installed and not. I unpaired from wi-fit before i unstalled.

  • I wrote a small description about how to update via N&F. Try this.
    But be sure to uninstall the Mi fit app, because i don't know if it works ok if Mi fit is installed.

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