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A lot of alarms which I cant delete

Does anybody know how to delete alarms?

I mean, I don't know the reason but there are a lot of alarms which I don't remember have set, but there are, and I don't know how to remove them. 

Could you tell me how, please?

Thanks and regards.


  • If you are using Mi Band 2 check the alarms page. There should be 8 Smart Alarms. Make sure that none is active. If some is active you may have the culprit.

    If none is active, with the band connected to the app, try activating all those alarms, one by one, wait a little and then deactivate all of them again. This is done in order to clean the possible alarms in band memory.

    Next time remember to say what device you're using.

    Good luck.

  • Sorry, but this question os for Amazfit Bip.


  • @osweberuco said:
    Sorry, but this question os for Amazfit Bip.


    If you have set 1 alarm, it syncs the rest of the unset alarms too even though you haven't created them.

    It just sets 8 alarms by default. None of them will be active though. I don't think thats an issue.

  • Hi, it's not a behavior issue, of course; but it's annoying see a lot of alarms (even they're disabled) I have not set.

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