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Distance in app, less then on watch


My wife and i have changed the step length in N&F for Amazfit to a little less, because we are shorter then the average user (i think ;-) )
We had no problem in changing the values for the steps and in the app it shows us a distance that is rather accurate, just like the Fitbit before we had the Amazfit Bip.
But on the watch we see a distance that is greater, as if the watch does not know about the steplength change.

Is this by design (watch cannot change the steplength?) or is this some communication error between the app and the watch?
Anybody any idea how to get them in sync, without setting the steplength back to original values?


  • Same problem forum me. I sent the log the developer...

  • Same here, step number matches between app and watch but distance and calories too don't. I checked out that changing personal profile data let the distance change in both app and amazfit bip but numbers never match. It is such as app and bip have different parameters to calculate distance with according to the step number. Any news about this?

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