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Auth key information

edited April 2023 in FAQ

It's important to note that the Authorization key (auth key) is a pairing code that's generated by the official Xiaomi/Huami servers and Notify app can work only partially without it. To automatically retrieve this code, open Notify app main left menu - Settings - Auth Key and click "Get auth key". You can choose between the different methods available to obtain your auth key code, we suggest using the automatic online method.

Please note that your credentials are only sent to the Xiaomi servers and are not stored on your device. The auth key that's visible in the settings is only used to set up Bluetooth communication with your smartwatch, and it doesn't contain any of your sensitive information.

Comparison of features

With Auth key Without Auth key
Custom icon for app notifications image image
Incoming calls image image
Custom vibrations image image
Workout info displayed on smartwatch image image
Devices settings image image
Firmware upload image image
Picture upload image image
Shower mode image image
Idle alert image image
Official app running image image
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