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Problem: Regularly forgetting to stop recording a workout

edited March 2020 in Suggestions

I am regularly forgetting to stop a workout session when returning home / in the car. It is a hassle to fix. Problem is made worse by Strava uploads being done before I have any chance to edit the workout.

Fix suggestion 1: Implement option to detect a pause in the workout along with presence of certain bluetooth devices (car) and end the workout based on this (avoiding to end the workout accidentally when leaving the car at the beginning of the workout)..
Fix suggestion 2: Allow easier editing of a workout. Once the workout is done I would prefer to open its statistics for review and cut away whatever might be recorded extra (e.g. the 10 minutes I'd been driving home in the car before I remembered to stop the recording). I wish cutting was as easy as in Sleep as Android. Would be nice if, when selecting what to cut out, it did some intelligent snapping to sections of the workout. Now I have to edit by adjusting time codes of the session after first figuring rough timecodes by looking at the graphs. Then recalculate steps and heart based on the adjusted end-time. Finally I have to delete the Strava auto-uploaded workout from Strava and re-upload the corrected one. The review and optional edit should be done BEFORE workout is uploaded to Strava.

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