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Anyone else having problems since 2-19-20 18.8.4 update

Please sound out if you are or are not having problems

I'm on a galaxy s7 android 8.0. Mi band 4

Whenever I click on Heart the app crashes. I get the
'App is not responding.....Wait....Close....Feedback error"

I have sent in logs via feedback in the app and email.

Have heard from Dev that he is not allowed to provide a rollback version of 18.8.0 which was stable.

I have never been a beta tester for an app where the dev team does not have a link or way of providing access to reinstall previous working functions.

As there is no public (non beta release) to fall back to the app has essentially become useless as I can't use any HR functions.

According to play store policy for an app to use them for beta testing, there must be a publically available version of app (at least according to what I have read. Can someone correct me if I am wrong?

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