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Battery life estimate

I got a Mi Smart Band 4 for New Year (YAY!!) and replaced my MiBand 2 with it.
So far the process was relatively painless after following the very clear instructions on this forum, including getting rid of MiFit.
However, if I click the little battery icon in the bottom right of the screen, I used to give many details: remaining battery %, when the battery was last charged, estimate when the battery will be depleted, etc.
Now it only gives me current battery level.
Am I missing some setting which I need to flip for this to work with the MB4, or should I wait until after the first discharge/recharge cycle?
Thanks in advance.


  • Update:
    Having just now put the band in the charger for a minute, the information changed: it now gives the same data as with my MiBand 2.
    Seems the band needs at least one discharge/charge action before it can estimate battery life.

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