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Timestamps for steps and sleep are about 6 hours off

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I have a very strange problem for about a week.

Let's say it's 12 at noon. When my band synchronizes it says "last synchronization 6.14 AM." This continues throughout the day. Synchronization is always about 6 hours behind. This means that also my sleep is about 6 hours off. It says for example that I slept from 6 p.m. until midnight while in fact, it was midnight until 6 a.m. The heart rate is then wrong. It combines the false sleep with the actual heart rate from 6 p.m. to midnight which gives me an extremely high rating because obviously it was awake during those hours. Also the steps are off by the same amount of time. When I add a workout on the cross trainer from 12 noon until 12:15 it's uses steps from about 6:15 a.m. which is usually zero. So I have to count the steps manually for now so I can record my workouts.

The total step count for every day is fine. The calories are also fine and consistent with real time. Also the heart rate seems to be okay when it opened the heart rate tab. It's only sleep and steps which are not working. So the mistake must be somewhere in the app and not in the band because if it was the band all timestamps would be off.

I have a band 3, an Android phone with the latest Android on a Galaxy 7.

I tried rebooting, restarting the app, resyncing. Nothing happens. These problems persist for about a week and started at the last update. The software is pretty useless for now. I cannot record any workouts.

I hope that someone is able to figure it out.


  • I just started having a very similar issue. Times off by around 6 hour (but not exactly) causing all sleep data to be skewed and showing very odd results.
    I have a Google Pixel 4a with Android 11 and. Mi Band 4

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