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How is Sleep Calculated, Sleepwalking too

Mateo do you (or anyone here) know what the parameters are for Sleep vs Wake?

I assumed that it is a combo of heart rate dropping plus low Actigraphy-movement. Since there are very few false positives for daytime sleep, (and I have been getting an elevated HR during the middle of my sleep incidents)

I am assuming that Actigraphy plays a major part. I read Mi Band has 6 axys actigraphy.

Please let me know if I am right or wrong, but I assume that there is some sort of threshold.

There is actigraphy that indicates Steps, and there is Actigraphy that indicates movement, but not steps (such as scratching note, flipping a page in a book, picking up and setting down a glass of water.....

Can you clarify without giving away proprietary Algorythm?

How is sleep walking determined (Steps are going to be triggered), but does HR stay low or something.


I would love a page where you can select layers of data you want to see (much like you can on the workout page).

I would like to see a combo of my HR and Actigraphy layerable (and be able to see what is sedentary movement and what is steps)
It would be great if steps and smaller awake but not stepping Movement is tracked)...


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