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Early bird settings for sleep tracking?????

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My experience with the sleeptracking is less then perfect.
It tells me and my wife how the night was, but it is not really good.
In the settings page i see an 'early bird' setting, but i have no idea what this means and if i have to choose the 1 setting or the 5 settings to take the right effect.

Does this also change the fact that when i take a shower and remove the watch, that N&F stll thinks that i am sleeping while i am in the shower???

Please help.


  • Hello. I use this option only when i want me band wake me up in 30mins before alarm. it's supposed to wake you up if you slept well, but Unfortunately it works this way, actually I would say that it doesn't work. And when you put off your device, it could know about it, there is special setting for it.

  • Ok, i think i understand what you mean.
    In that case we will not use it :-)

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