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Strange difference between app for Amazfit

My wife and i have the same phone (Xiaomi Mi5) and the same watch (Amazfit Bip).
I installed for us both the app N&F for Amazfit and both the pro version.
Now comes the strange thing.

On my Apps page i can start a new App definition and on the Display page of that app, i can see all kinds of options (incl. Last Notification Only), but my wife ony sees 2 options (1 about changing name).

What is wrong, that we have the same app, same license and yet difference in settings?

I wanted to attach 2 screenshots of this, but o don't see an option to do that.
So here my dropbox link for it:


  • Ok, i found this one.
    With every app setting, you have to activate the option: Show Notification Text.
    Only then will it show the extra options on the second tab that i was missing for my wife.
    Problem solved.

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