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Connection issues with BIP Firmware updated to

Mifit somehow decided to update the firmware to. yesterday ever since notify mostly fails too connect (irrespective if mifit is installed or not).

Is this a known problem?


  • I think this may also be related by how the Pace is integrated (I have both). When the Pace is paired with the phone, Notify never actually goes to look for the BIP it seems.

    Ideally it should ask which of the paired watches it should use (or if to go look for a new one).

    There might also be a bug in the re-pair code - if I pair gadgetbridge with the BIP, the watch asks for permission and then it works. With Notify I am never being asked for permission and subsequently it does not really work. Right now I have Mi Fit running at which point it seems to kind of sort of work but ideally I would rather not have to deal with Mi Fit at all.

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