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Band is not connecting, pairing and sync solutions

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  • there is no old band paired on your phone bluetooth devices list (remove from list if present)
  • there is no other un-official app connected with band
  • official Mi fit app is installed and paired correctly or not installed
  • you are connecting to the band using only one phone/tablet
  • you have a GENUINE / ORIGINAL xiaomi / amazfit band. Check if you can see MI logo on rear. Ensure your Mi Band is working and phone can connect with it Youtube tutorial - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXT7pD2uAn0
  • there is no power saving Android / app running that may block / close Notify app while running in background. See https://dontkillmyapp.com
  • long press the watch button to do a hard reset, if band stuck at the boot screen

Don't know how to remove official Mi Fit app? Check this tutorial With Mi Fit or without Mi Fit


Mi Band 4 / Amazfit Bip Lite / Amazfit GTR / Amazfit GTS requires the Auth key to work correctly without official app installed.
1) Do a phone reboot, and keep enabled phone GPS
2) Repair band on notify:
- open notify app and from left menu and press + button near Profiles text on top of the menu
- reopen notify app and allow redo initial pairing
Mi Band 5, Amazfit Band 5, Mi Band 4, Amazfit Bip Lite, Amazfit Verge Lite, Amazfit GTR, Amazfit GTS, Amazfit GTR 2, Amazfit GTS 2, Zepp
Follow this tutorial to obtain your Auth key http://freemyband.com

3) Optional: pair the band on phone bluetooth settings

1) To get best results, uninstall official mi fit app and keep only one app connected with band
2) Go on Phone settings > Applications and show all apps (including systems apps).
Open "Bluetooth" app settings.
Click Clear cache and Clear
3) Open phone Bluetooth settings and remove any (including Mi Band) existing paired device.
Reinstall Notify and/or official app.
4) Do a band factory reset (available only for amazfit bands)
reset amazfit
5) Check you are not running any saving battery app or similar. Keep enabled "prevent app get killed" mode on notify app general settings.
6) Ensure you are running a recent firmware version on your band, and there is no known bug issue with that firmware version
7) Try pair the band on phone Bluetooth settings devices list
8) Enable Secure Mode option on notify app general settings


1) please first check if the official mi fit app is working. And check if you are running last mi fit app version available.
2) Then I suggest you to redo pairing with mi band on notify app, so please try proceed with these steps:
- first check on notify app main left menu if you see "Mi Fit installed" or "Mi Fit NOT installed" correctly
- open notify app and from left menu and press + button near Profiles text on top of the menu
- reopen notify app and allow redo initial pairing
3) Please check you have enabled notification access for both apps: notify and official mi fit app.
4) Please ensure official mi fit app is running correctly on background, otherwise also notify app will not be able stay connected with band.
5) if also official mi fit app doesn't work, try update your mi band firmware to a newer version using last official mi fit app version
6) Enable status bar notification indication (Mi Fit connected / disconnected) on Mi fit app general settings

New firmwares limitations (mid 2021)

Band settings
Smart alarms
Button custom actions
Native reminders
Phone calendars events sync
Quick reply
Clear band notification
Watchfaces upload
Firmware/resources/font upload
Phone screen mirror
Google maps picture mode
Shower mode
Idle alert settings
To get all features working on Notify app please remove official app

if you can't connect Mi Band 2 with official mi fit app (band already paired error) follow this tutorial https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mc.fixitformiband2

Only genuine Xiaomi Mi band are supported (check if you can see MI logo on mi band)
Follow this tutorial to check if phone can connect with your band

if phone can't connect with band, either notify app will not be able connect. So try fully discharge your band and recharge it again, or if you are using an amazfit band do a band factory reset (from band settings menu)

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  • Why there are so many problems with connection in you app? Check what is not functioning in your code. I use also mi heart rate and it has no such isues...

  • hi Admin,
    your app is crashing a lot often with then new update!

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