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Google fit sync issues

edited December 2022 in FAQ

Data sync

Notice: if you enable automatic google fit sync but you don't sync new data from the band regularly, you will not get any data on Google fit. To solve this kind of problem, since Notify 9.0.0 version we have added an automatic data sync feature. We suggest to enabled this option to get data synced correctly. Be sure to set an appropriate sync interval (minutes) based on your google fit auto sync interval. For example: google fit auto sync every 30 minutes -> band data auto-sync every 10 minutes


Please try sign-out and sign-in back to your google account and resync data.

Sign-out on Notify app

To sign-out, please open Google Fit settings on Notify app

Do a phone reboot

A phone reboot may help solve Google Fit troubles, so reboot and retry again to check if data is shown correctly

Sign-out on Google Fit app

You may have to sign-out also from Google Fit if you are getting any connection issue


Please ensure google fit is installed and is running correctly on your phone

Please notice: sometimes Google fit app doesn't work correctly, data may get shown after some minutes/hours

Disable Google Fit native activity tracking to avoid get duplicated/partially data with Notify data


Active steps mode

Other things to check

Do not try to sync too much data at once to google fit (for example multiple months), sync may fail. Try split into multiple syncs to avoid failures.
Ensure data is available on Notify app before syncing to google fit.
For example, if on notify app you have only overall steps data (imported from mi fit) without detailed intraday steps info, sync to google fit will not work.

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