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Workout running very poor performance

Just tried workout running with the app and gps position has been very bad. Using Mi fit, no problem at all, but Notify gets wrong gps position everytime and you cannot trust in its data (3 km run in 3 minutes, for example... XD).

I am really love this app, and i'd like to use it for everything with no more apps, but, currently (due to that kind of stuff) that is not possible.

I hope you can fix it in next version.

Thanks and regards.


  • You need enable HIGH gps precision on phone and check notify app can access location (permission on settings)
    Ensure also notify app runs correctly on background and is not killed / freeze by phone

  • Thanks for your reply, but that is not the cause. Same GPS settings on my Xiaomi does work fine on official MiFit app at running (pretty accurate), but very poor on this app, with crazy postions that makes the running path really bad.

    Thanks again

  • I subscribe: I get very poor and unreliable GPS data when using this marvelous application on Xiaomi mi max 2. I am setting it properly so it doesn't get killed. I am using high GPS or only GPS, doesn't matter, results are poor. If it helps, I switched to Xiaomi mi max 2 a few weeks ago and I managed to use the old phone at one running session and the GPS was very accurate. The old phone is a Huawei P9.
    Thank you, hopefully the developer figures out what the hell is wrong in using Xiaomi, we need the GPS data

  • To whomever it may concern: I come with updates: in MIUI battery saver, set the notify application to "no restrictions" and then the GPS will work as it should be. Tested with running and biking

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