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Notifications stopped working / can't see notification text on band

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If you have updated app recently, just try reboot phone.

Please check you haven't enabled notify silence mode, or any other wrong settings like sleeping time on general settings.
Please check you haven't enabled Do not disturb mode on watch settings or using official Mi Fit app


On notify app help section you can check if notifications can be received from phone correctly.

Free version you can see only caller name. Remember to enable show caller name option for calls
PRO license or ads enabled are required to see text notifications for app Whatsapp, Telegram, Gmail, ...


Enable show notification text option to see Whatsapp, sms, email, ... text on band

Important: ensure the notification text is showed correctly on your phone (especially when is locked). Some Android security rules allow to hide notification content for privacy, this may prevent Notify app to be able send the correct text notification to the band.


Still not working? Try reset app list to default settings, this should fix any accidental wrong settings
Then remember to enable show notification text option again


Font firmware (Mi Band 2 / Amazfit Arc)

If you want see notification text on your band, ensure you have installed the FONT firmware on your band. Please notice, font firmware is a different (special) firmware!
Check below tutorials how update it

Mi Band 2 tutorial

BIP & Cor tutorial

If you are using also official Mi Fit app, you may need enable also "Force notifications text" on notify app general settings -> advanced settings to prevent Mi Fit conflicts (or remove Mi Fit)


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    I don't see any text I just see the person name

  • I've got the same issue, notifications are not vibrating and popping up anymore, not even with the test function in the app

  • Known (just to say) problem with notifications' text could relate to the fact, that there are some icons to be chosen BUT the creator of this app did not mention that for most notification only app icon is working. Try it, maybe this is your problem.

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    Unable to see text notifications on Miband 4.
    You will only get a message saying 'no notification'. All solutions mentioned has been tried and nothing works. Using PRO version.

  • Same problem on MI band 4. Notification only shows "no notifications". Had just installed the application and just bought the pro version. Hoping it will be fixed soon

  • @himanshu1691 said:
    Same problem on MI band 4. Notification only shows "no notifications". Had just installed the application and just bought the pro version. Hoping it will be fixed soon

    Yeah, Same issue. Also try to send custom notification by Tasker. Show the same message. "No Notification".

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    In my case notifications do appear but there is a "New notification, read it on your phone" text (or something similar) even though each app has "show notification text" enabled.

    When I enter app details, perform a notification test (successfully) and go back to menu the text appears properly on next notification for that particular app.

    After a week this happened again and I had to go through each apps' settings.

    Notify & Fitness Pro 8.13.1 + Mi Band 4.@

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    WhatsApp notification became spotty. It skips message notifications now and then. After the fingerprint lock update of WhatsApp, this issue became more often.

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