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Heart monitoring keep running

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Band only mode: When band detects that you are doing exercises or moving, it will automatically increase the detection frequency (heart checked more frequently) to guarantee the accuracy of heart rate data during workouts

Disable Spo2 and stress monitoring

1) Please disable phone bluetooth, and check if green light of heart sensor keeps turning on. If yes it means issue is related to the band firmware, try update to a newer / older firmware

2) Try enable and disable again the sleep assistance feature (on sleep more options)

3) Try enable and disable the heart monitoring on heart section

4) Ensure you are running latest firmware version (some firmware have known bugs)

5) Enable Notify only heart monitor mode, you need to keep phone connected with band


  • Whatever i do, i am not able to disable heart rate monitor in my activity. If i do cycling for 3 hrs, there is acontinuous heart rate monitoring going on and it drains my battery. I want to disable heart rate monitoring in my activities. Please advise

  • emmm, battery drain too fast. it is not working great. to disable heart monitoring is not what I want and I have to use a fitness tracker.https://www.cuou.net/waterproof-fitness-tracker.html

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