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Mi Band 4 very slow watchface updates


I am using Mi Band 4 with Notify & Fitness 8.12.3 without Mi Fit installed.

Setting a new Watchface takes a very long time now. It used to be 5-10 seconds, now it takes more than 3 minutes (and can take more than 10 minutes for bigger watchfaces).

I think it may be related to me playing with Tools tab|Tools subtab|Update Mi Band firmware, in its three-dots menu there are options for alternative upload methods that I selected to see what would happen.
Those methods seem to be applied to updating watchfaces too?!

Is there a way back to the original (fast) upload method once you have selected an alternative method? That seems to not be possible?


  • I have now understood from another forum that perhaps this is just a problem with 8.12.3 in general, not with me trying to change settings. Perhaps somebody running 8.12.3 (without Mi Fit app) can confirm this?

  • I have now had email contact with the developer Matteo, and it was indeed a bug and will be fixed in the next release.

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