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Hello there !
I love Notify & Fitness for Mi Band. Keep up the good work !

Allow me to suggest something regarding the workouts.
It would be very handy if there was an option to save a specific (customized by us) workout as a preset.

This preset could be then placed / saved as a shortcut / icon on the HOME tab (and/or even as a widget on the phone).

This would be very handy for everyone who repeatedly does the same workouts (with the same settings) many times in the week.
So for example, I would create a workout called "Pilates" (with my own settings) and next time I would need to enable / use it, I would just do it via the shortcut (preset - which will have saved the specific settings I want) on the HOME tab, without having to go to "workouts" tab and add a "new workout" each and every time.

The shortcuts could be more than one on the HOME tab, for everyone who has many different activities, or one activity but in various versions, (e.g. with or without GPS, with Intensive or moderate heart and steps monitoring, etc). Like "Pilates Intense", Pilates Moderate", "Body Pump Intense", "Body Pump low". etc

Regards !


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    The original post above goes back ~8mo, so it's possible some feature work in this area has been done since the initial post. I do like the existing top row of tabs in the v8.7.10Pro , and how activities are incorporated into it. And further like the notion that MRU (Most Recently Used) activities are made available for easy filtering in that tab section by icon, as well as being placed at the top of the dropdown when selecting manual creation of a new entry.

    That said, i do think there's room for some further/slight improvement via:
    0) placing me at the top of that dropdown directly by my 2-3 MRUs, rather than in the ~middle of the list at 'Running' once I've demonstrated that I regularly use the same MRUs.
    1) in addition to placing MRU types at the top of the list, in the actual entry can you also consider auto-including prior title for that MRU, and if you can see I've taken the effort and extra key strokes required to manually reset (v. using the real/actual) time-of-day such that i'm using a precise start/end time falling on the :00, :15, :30, and/or :45 also include those prior start/end times for that MRU. The date you could leave by default as 'today' the day i'm creating the entry, v. the time start/stop window for the activity being that of the prior MRU entry.
    eg. it's at least 8 keystroke to reset start/stop times (10 if I also want to change day), then I have to persist the entry (1 keystroke), then edit/rename title (2 keystrokes), then retype (or copy/paste title which if i'm doing more than 1 is about the same several keystrokes... v. potentially just reselecting that old MRU w/that existing/reused data with a single keystroke.
    eg. I select MRU type==Martial Arts/Pushups, but may want it to appear with a previously used Title==Tai Qi/100Burpees w/out having to edit and retype.
    2) addiing ability to edit and manually enter v at present only being offered ability to recalc calories (it seems to calc based on steps which may not be as relevant for the exercise, and to extent i'm not counting steps while doing pushups or burpees, recalc doesn't really help the ~5 or so cals i'm granted for doing 100burpees for example).

    As I sift through the wealth of pre-existing feedback I see there was another thread (essentially more votes) for this same notion here:

    and that in itself (that this thread has at min been bi-furcated. Will further update w/additional threads if I continue to surf more, and find more similar) highlights the the other thread I've commented on today wrt the likelihood that would benefit from a SEARCH capability:
    a) (and i'll note, so far I've only gotten as far back as page 3 of 5 SUGGESTIONS, and not sure if anything related lurks in the full ~30pages of the forum yet... perhaps there's more further back)

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