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Why is there not search function on the site?
If there is, where do i find it?


  • @dmills said:
    Why is there not search function on the site?
    If there is, where do i find it?

    Same question

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    Count me in on the feature request:
    Would love to see 'SEARCH' offered within this forum so that before posting i can see if there's an existing discussion that addresses my question/comment/concern, or where i can further share thoughts.
    It does sound like there’s a Q&A plugin for this ‘vanilla’ powered as well as an additional filter plugin that builds on the Q&A plugin:

    In general, once there's more than several pages (representing a wealth of information, IFF accessible)... search is the ideal model v. navigation. Else it's more likely that common things will be reasked, and also likely that OldTimers w/in the forum will be disenchanted to re-engage if their old advice can't be releveraged (or at min re-linked to easily, if they can't find it).

    Here's a good example of an idea being reposted rather than built upon due to getting lost in the fray... which can be mitigated via SEARCH being offered:

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    I can no longer edit my prior entry given the 1hr timelimit to do so (and I've spent a fair amount of time surfing/navigating this forum this morning as a result ;-), so adding another entry to this thread instead. That said...

    Appears there's another similar (bifurcated) thread on SEARCH here... which can be counted as couple additional votes)

    NOTE: within that thread, there's a good workaround/suggestion by @TiTAN which is:
    in your favorite search engine, try searching:

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