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Heart monitoring while sleeping



  • @RaS_KoR said:
    Nice post.
    I'm pretty sure that you will have the HR stats with the 6.10.5.
    Maybe the version 6.11.5 retrieves the datas but didn't show them. And an export/import will show the stats correctly.

    Unfortunately neither 6.10.5 worked last night. No HR monitoring :-(
    And upgrading again to 7.0.3 beta today, did not show the HR stats, either.
    I might try again tonight with 6.10.5, but I'm not sure I want to keep trying and testing with old versions anymore.
    I will probably just keep 7.0.3 beta and leave the developer to see what he can do to fix this. I think that he now has a lot of data to play with and eventually he will find a solution.
    I'm always open to test with his future betas, if he sends them to me.

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    Here is another indication that HR does not seem to work / or show up (whatever that means) under various conditions. This was an afternoon nap I took, which means that I put the phone to Plane Mode from approx. 15.00+ to 17.00+.
    The last HR measurement was logged at 14.47 pm, when the phone (and thus the bluetooth) was still on. Just a few minutes before I put the phone to plane mode (bluetooth off).
    After that, nothing.


    Maybe we should try setting the "Heart Monitor mode" to "Use Mi Band only" so that it won't need the Notify app at all ? Or keep bluetooth ON while sleeping? This, however, would contradict the developer's advice to "disabled phone bluetooth during night time to allow the band to track heart automatically through sleep assistance".

    [Edit: UPDATE]
    I just changed the "Heart Monitor mode" to "Use Mi Band only" and here is what I instantly got :neutral:
    (HR measurements that happened while I was sleeping - but I had to make a change to the settings for them to show up ?!?!?! )




  • As you can see at the screenshots above, what's even weirder is that when I changed the "Heart Monitor mode" to "Use Mi Band only", and it brought up the "hidden-till that point" measurements, that were done while I was sleeping (mind you !), those measurement intervals are completely not in agreement with the 30 minutes set interval I have chosen ! So what happened is this:

    1) I had set the Heart Monitoring interval to (every) 30 minutes
    2) When I woke up and turned plane mode off, and launched Notify & sync was completed, there were no sleep heart monitor measurements (or we can just say that they were not showing up - they were "hidden")
    3) Then I experimented and changed the "Heart Monitor mode" to "Use Mi Band only" and HR monitoring measurements came up on the screen !
    4) Those measurements were done every 2 minutes (see e.g. 16.42 -> 16.44 -> 16.46 ...etc) and NOT every 30 minutes as I had set it up ! And sleep is definitely not an ..exercise, so we cannot justify the change from 30 minutes to ...2 minutes.

    So in combination with this post that another user has left on the board, I think we may have a general bug with how Notify handles / measures / receives and showcases the HR monitoring.


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    HR was monitored during my last night's (really bad) sleep. With "Heart Monitor mode" set to "Use Mi Band only" and still with the "30 minutes" set interval completely ignored. Literally the HR was measured every 2 minutes... (!) which probably means that Mi Band's battery will not last too long with that frequency of HR monitoring. Mi Band 2, with Notify for Mi Band version 7.0.3 (beta).


  • Maybe you can re-set the HR monitoring mode as it was before to re-test.
    Can you tell me which firmware version you've got ?

  • @RaS_KoR said:
    Maybe you can re-set the HR monitoring mode as it was before to re-test.
    Can you tell me which firmware version you've got ?

    Reset it how ? You mean change it back to "Use Notify app only" instead of "Use Mi Band only" ?
    Yeah maybe I can try this tonight.

    Firmware is version / Mi Band 2 International / Global

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    New official (stable) version 7.0.4 is out on Play Store with this changelog:

    - New Home interface
    - New Workout interface
    - Added DND mode support (Mi Band settings)
    - Fixed sleep heart assistance issue
    - Added Quick note (Mi Band 3)
    - Minor UI improvements
    - Updated translations
    - Fixed bugs

    Maybe the dev took notice of our troubleshooting and emails to him about Sleep HR monitoring ? Let's see...

  • So far, with the 7.0.4 version of the app, HR during sleep time seems to be working fine. You can see my stats and settings at the screenshots below.
    I still can't understand why some times the interval of 60 minutes changes by itself (even in times I'm not exercising), but as long as it works, I'm fine with it.

    Kudos to @Notify Admin - Matteo for fixing this.





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    One thing I don't really know, is if the HR measurements during sleep contribute to the calculation of Light and Deep sleep stats. I do know that HR during night is being used by some platforms (such as Fitbit and Garmin) to detect and report REM sleep, and other similar and useful details.



    I'm not sure what the case here is, with Notify app, and if HR is just a stat, or if it really affects and is used practically for the Sleep data calculations.

  • In order to me the sleeping reports are more accurate with the hr monitoring.

    Does the version 7.0.4 still working ?

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    @RaS_KoR said:
    In order to me the sleeping reports are more accurate with the hr monitoring.

    Does the version 7.0.4 still working ?

    Oh so you have actually tested it with and without HR and you saw differences ?
    That would be cool. I haven't tested it this way.
    Yes 7.0.4 seems to work OK, still.

  • I know this is an old thread but the content posted here is as relevant as ever which is why I am posting. I hadn't read this thread when I posted my question at this link here. As you can see, some of the same issues occur.


    If anyone has any answers or solutions then i would be very interested to know.

  • @LostEchoes said:


    I think I have managed to come to some clearer conclusions about what's happening with this issue. Now I cannot be 100% sure but the troubleshooting I did, leads me to believe the following:

    • I think that the Mi Band does measure HR during sleep, if you have set it up to do so. So, when you wake up in the morning, it does have the HR data within it's RAM.
    • I think that the problem lies with the "inability" of some versions of the Notify app to read these data and put them on the relevant statistics graph (meaning: it does not show these HR metrics). This means that either the Notify app does not pull the HR data info from the Mi Band, or that it pulls the HR data from the mi Band but it does not show them !
    • Now the dev suggested that I disabled phone bluetooth during night time to allow the band to track heart automatically through sleep assistance. And this is exactly what I'm always doing, as every night I put the phone to Plane Mode (so both bluetooth and wi-fi are disabled), and I turn Plane Mode off when the morning alarm rings, and all radios are enabled, including bluetooth.
    • Then I launch the Notify app and it is supposed to sync all data (including the HR data during night / sleep time) and show them at the Home tab and elsewhere. And that's where it fails.

    I too have the exact same experience as described above with respect to disables Notify heart rate collection.

    In fact I can disable collection of heart rate data in the Mi Fit app too. Then if I sync the Mi fit app and next sync the Notify app, Notify contains data collected by the offline Mi Band 4.

    This doesn't happen every single time but has happened more than a few times for me. (One problem seems to be that repeated tests do not give identical results.)

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