Heart rate readings collected in "continuous" bursts with errors

I get some strange heart rate readings from Notify. I'm using Android Pie with a Mi Band 4.


Below is the sort of result I get on Notify. As you can see, the readings in one group of 4 are one second apart and the groups are about 1 or 2 minutes apart. Sometimes one group of readings is just completely different to a reading taking a minute or two earlier and must be incorrect.

79,78,77,77, 95,94,94,94, 76,76,75,74, 95,94,94,94, 86,86,86,85
See screenshot at https://i.postimg.cc/vTXgBKD9/4lo-4hi-4lo-4hi-4lo-continuous.jpg

See screenshot at https://i.postimg.cc/qvNhJjrh/4ho-4lo-continuous.jpg

142,141,141,141, 71,71,71,71
See screenshot at https://i.postimg.cc/pTfnNrHs/142-141-141-141-71-71-71-71.jpg


In Notify, I use a 5 MINUTE interval and never use CONTINUOUS monitoring.

The Mi Fit app's heart rate monitor is OFF (although I also get strange results with it on).
I used various heart rate settings on Notify ("Mi Fit only", "Notify only" and "both") but get these results on all of them.
I tried with and without "Improve Results" on Notify and also with and without "Track Activities".


The Mi Fit app's own chart records heart rate as expected, even though the Mi Fit heart rate monitor setting is OFF! Presumably this means the Mi Band 4 is working okay and there's no hardware fault.

What's going on? Unfortunately, I can't fix this by filtering out bad high or low readings because they're within my normal range.

Does anyone else ever get this or is it just me? Any advice? Anyone, please?


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