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  • I too have noticed this. I need the hr tracker on for sleep. I assumed that Notify was getting a series of multiple reading to ensure that the readings were correct. A self check so to s pl eack (other apps do this) and then just present 1 measur…
  • I also found that you need to use a VPN and sign I to it BEFORE you install the modded Mi Fit. I chose my starting location in Japan. I used Tunnel Bear from the play store. Mi Fit started blocking user that were using the old wat to get the code…
  • Viroid This looks interesting. I am Very new to Tasker (as in it is on my to Lear about list). I kinda see what you are doing (I was in IT 20 yr ago before I became disabled, and an Android power user until a brain injury 10 yrs ago). I need to p…
  • Along those lines, and I know this is tough, I've had to do it before in IT project management.... You need some kind of user manual that goes step by step through each menu and menu option and defined what it means... For example under Mail Icon&…