Receive intent not working


Inhave an Amazfit BIP, and I am trying to leverage the fellAsleep intent to update a virtual device status in my HomeSeer home automation system using Automate.

I'm successfully receiving the intent broadcasts for stepsGot, heartRateGot, batteryStatGot, connected, disconnected, notWearing, and wokeUp, but I have yet to see the Notify app send a fellAsleep intent. Is there something I'm missing with how or when this intent is broadcast?

If anyone wants to check out the Automate flow I put together...


  • Viroid

    This looks interesting. I am Very new to Tasker (as in it is on my to Lear about list).

    I kinda see what you are doing (I was in IT 20 yr ago before I became disabled, and an Android power user until a brain injury 10 yrs ago).

    I need to pull out a Dummy guide to Tasker...

    I'm hoping you can explain this in non taskerese?

    I have a lot of unexpected daytime sleep and irregular nocturnal sleep due to Narcolepsy. Trying to get extra input on this. Not sure how Tasker could be helpful?

    Is there a way for it to look at the data Notify or Mi Band collects on actigraphy to show when there is some movement, but not enough to count as steps, but enough to show that you are awake and moving your arm about?

    Any insight would be appreciated!!

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