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Goolge fit Sync not work [DUPLICATED]

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Autosynchronization with goolge fit not working. Manualy not working too
Google account is checked


  • Likewise. The app does not sync with Google Fit any more. I've:
    1. Reinstalled the app,
    2. Reinstalled Google Fit,
    3. Installed and uninstalled the Mi Fit app,
    4. Disconnected and reconnected Google Fit with the app,
    5. Searched through and tried the suggestions in the app including the post titled "Google Fit sync is not working"

    I consistently get the error message saying "Unable to connect to Google Fit. Please redo the login to Google Fit"

    And yes, I DID redo the login with Google Fit - repeatedly.

  • I'm seeing the same, consistently get "Unable to connect to Google Fit. Please redo the login to Google Fit"

  • I did a check and for me it still works, but i have an Amazfit Bip.
    A few weeks ago, i had to disconnect and reconnect with Google fit, because Google had changed some settings and they are going to stop with the webpages.
    After reconnect everything worked again.

    If that does not work, force stop the Fit app from Google, clear the cache of that app and try to reconnect again.
    Maybe that helps.

  • Please check the official Google Fit help tutorial, do not open duplicated threads

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