Do Not Disturb (DND) Mode?

Does anyone know how to get N&F to respect DND mode on the phone? I've found DND settings in the apps Settings menu, under the notifications tabs, etc etc, and tried every configuration but i'm apparently missing something. Phone is an original Google Pixel.

Thanks for any help.

Also a search function on the forum would be nice.


  • As far as i know, the DND from the phone is different from the DND in the app.
    If DND is active on the phone, but you get notifies on the notification bar of the phone, you will get it on the watch.
    Only the DND on the app, will stop notifications on the watch.

  • I think this feature is broken. I have a Moto X4 and I keep my phone always in DND mode. I set M&F option to override DND off, in spite of that N&F manages to send notifications to Mi Band 2.
    Strangely some notifications go and other don't. For example, for WhatsApp and Hangout I didn't manage to send any notification to Mi Band 2 when my phone is in DND, even setting to on in every "DND override" in N&F general and alerts settings.

  • Solved!

    There is a setting on the notification tab, one the advanced page for each app-
    You have to turn that setting on and match it to whatever DND mode your phone is using. There are similar setting for each app, and the calls tab.

    There is also what seems to be a global setting in the main settings menu on the left.

    So it seems you can have N&F turn all notifications off when in DND, or just some of them.

    Thanks guys!

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