Notify and Fitness won't sync to Google Fit

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I can't get Notify & Fitness to sync with Google Fit. The default Mi Fit app is NOT installed on the phone. Notify and Fitness connects to the Mi Band 2 fine and mostly works well. Notify and Fitness has Settings\Advanced\Auto Google Fit Sync set to 120 minutes, Google Fit steps mode set to on, and Google Fit workout set to on. Also, Steps\More Options\Auto Sync to Google Fit is set to on. Google Fit has Activity Detection and Body Sensor turned off.

Steps are recorded on the Mi Band 2 and successfully transfer to Notify and Fitness but are not transferred on to Google Fit. The step count doesn't change in either the phone Google Fit app or at Notify and Fitness does NOT appear in Google Fit Settings\Connected apps in Google Fit. Should it be listed there? Sleep As Android and MyNetDiary on the phone both successfully share data with Google Fit and do appear under Connected apps, though both are currently disconnected for testing. Also, Notify and Fitness does successfully provide data to Sleep As Android.

Please tell me what I am missing or doing wrong, and how I can fix this. Thanks.


  • I have this same issue. I paid for the pro version just so I could get the sync to google fit. PLEASE Help ;)!

  • I found these steps online for the mii band app but they work also for the notify one

    Open Mi Band Tools
    Select Heart Rate or steps - Settings
    Scroll down and click on Google Fit
    Select your Google Fit account
    Confirm your connection by clicking on Allow

  • Hi I get steps sync via amazfit and mi fit to Google Fit and infortunately there is no sync of steps whatever from notify... I am using beta version for stratos. What to do different?

  • Hi,
    1. Must i buy 3rd app sync licence for expor data from Notify to Google fit?
    2. How Notify calculate calories? Does heart rate affect counting of calories?
    (i can do 100 steps easy walking, but i can do 100 steps on the stairs).

  • My auto sync to google is not working.
    I have Xiaomi MiA1 with AndroidOne Oreo 8.1.
    I have N&F "not optimized" for battery.
    All the settings are correct and connected to account.
    If I do a manual sync and select date range it works. Just not autosync.
    Everything else is working

  • I have solved this problem. Please go to the Google Fit settings and remove all applications except N&F. After that the auto synchronization became to work.

  • How do I connect N&F to Google Fit? It doesn't appear to be an option in google fit.

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    How do I connect N&F to Google Fit? It doesn't appear to be an option in google fit....sorry duplciated, pressed the button twice!

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    Yeha..definitely not syncing

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