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After a while forecast data doesn't have current and humidity data.

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Hello everyone,

When I manually sync weather data, it shows the current temperature with humidity, but after a short while, they are not shown anymore. Mi Fit app also works on background. It seems the Mi Fit app overwrites its own forecast data, but there should be a way to prevent it. Sync period is 2 hours on the Notify app.

Is there anybody who faced this issue before?

How can I fix it?

Best Regards.


  • Not sure if this is the same.
    I have the problem that on the watchface, the weather is not shown anymore.
    But in the watch menu (swipe to the right) it still shows the weather.
    Also, the Notify app can sync (via Extra/Tool menu).

    But i don't use Mi Fit, just Notify.

  • Hmm, after updating the app and my watchface, it started working again after about 1 hour (refresh rate).
    For me it is solved.

  • Same problem. That's why we need more weather update intervals in N&F

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