New font with emoji but Chinese characters can't display

I upgraded N&F for Amazfit to 6.9.11 and able to update new font which can show some (not all) of the emoji. However, my Amazfit Bip can't show Chinese character in notification like before. Anyone face same problem? How can I restore back to previous font? I installed Asiatics Font while update to new font firmware but still can't show Chinese. My firmware version is


  • Hi,
    just reinstall the latest official font Asiatics firmware using update firmware -> latest firmware

  • Hi Matteo,

    Thanks for your reply. I manage to restore back the Chinese font.

    Here is what I did.
    I upgrade N&F to version 6.10.7
    I update the Font - Asiatics (version 8) from Tools -> Update Amazfit Firmware -> Latest firmware. It takes about 5min to complete. After this step the watch can display Chinese characters.
    I check the Display emoticons and click install Asiatics font from Setting -> Advanced -> Modded firmware, It takes less than 30sec to update.
    It can show emoji message on watch but still can't display Chinese characters.
    Finally I update again Font-Asiatics to get back Chinese display.

    Any steps I had miss out?
    I did not update any other firmware such as 1/2-Resources, 2/2-Firmware, Font-English or GPS. I just update Font-Asiatics to get back my Chinese character display.
    For emoticons display, I just click install Asiatics font. I did not click install font too.
    I did not really update any firmware through N&F except watch face. I just bought the watch 2 weeks ago, so far only update firmware through Mi Fit.

  • Finally problem solved by ver 6.10.10. It takes some time to update whole font firmware. Now it can show both Chinese characters & emoji. Thanks.

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