Suggestions and questions

I have a few suggestions and questions.

  1. Why dont add an widget for power nap? It would be easyer if you dont have to start the app the whole time.

  2. Whats the difference between the anti loss my phone feature under tools and connection lost under mi band 2 menu settings. It seems that they are doing the same?

  3. Can you add an option for a custom amount of pressing for button action. Like 7x button action or more.

  4. There is no contact name with facebook messenger.

  5. With Whatsapp it repeats all last unread messenges, also with the option " show only words changed.

  6. It would be really cool if you dont have to look at your miband at the moment the message arrive. The message should be available by pressing the miband button. If the miband cant save the message. The miband button can be an action to send the message again.

  7. Message words get splitted in the middle of them to show it on the miband. Better would be:

Old 1. message "Hey Jake whats on my mo" 2. message "ther is in hospital"

New: 1. message "Hey Jake whats on my" 2. message "mother is in" 3. message "hospital"

  1. The mi band alarm is starting at several times without setup.

  2. On kickstarter there is an bass vibrating band. It vibrates with the music you are playing. Is it possible to make something like that with the miband?


  • Totally agree with 6 and 7! Would be a great improvement.

    For 8, I never had an alarm going off which I didn't set.

  • Hi,
    1. will be added
    2. on first mi band firmware version, anti loss feature wasn't supported natively by Mi Band. This is why I've added the anti loss on tools tab. Recently Xiaomi has added connection lost notification natively on mi band, so I suggest use this feature instead anti loss option on tools.
    3. For more advanced button actions, you can use Tasker (or similar app) integration, and receive the one tap click action and count how many tap you are receiving and the run your custom action
    4. contact name can work only when the name is visible on notification (title or text) showed on phone
    5. please contact support to check better your problem, maybe it's just a configuration settings problem
    6. you can enable "resend last notification" on button actions. So for example, press 2x mi band button to receive last notification.
    7. I've added this feature on new notify app version > 4.21.7 if you want receive the preview version contact me or just wait next app update
    8. please check you have set alarms correctly (also on official mi fit app). Try disable all alarms and enable one at once until you find the wrong one.
    9. I need check it

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