Firmware update does not end / no reboot

Hi all
I do have a mi note 5 and amazfit watch. Updating firmware to and resources 41 and English as supposed in the app was working but the watch remain in update mode and request to connect to app... What went wrong and how to solve ? Does anyone know this issue and has a solution?


  • Did you install all the steps or just a few?
    You need to install not only the firmware, but also the English, Chinese part and best is also the GPS.
    After the Chinese part, my watch came to life again with my previous update.
    So, just install, all parts, including the chinese part in the right order.

  • Solved. Installed Chinese language and GPS .. And watch rebooted. In Chinese... Mi fit installed and changed the language...

  • At one time i also had the Chinese language.
    I just started the process again (complete from step 1) and then it was changed back to English somehow.

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