How about a Web GUI ?

How about a Web GUI to see all the Notify & Fitness results of my Mi Band2? Advertising on the site would not be a problem, I would like to support that ...
I hope that was not already discussed, I'm new here ... ;-)

mmiii :-)


  • I also like that idea, but that can be a big task to get to work .

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    It would be great! I would participate in this project for free, as developer or as a tester, or as a project manager etc.

  • This would be fantastic, but I think as elot said it is a big task and for certain would required some kind of cloud storage.

  • Actually, the implementation of fx file explorer can be done, which the phone acts as a server

  • Without Cloud Storage, it's possible to make an app that uses Google Drive to save all the data

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    Both options are fine, either auto-generate and upload files to Google Drive, as you can run HTML content from it (seen some apps do it already), or enable/disable in-app web server. Generating files on Gdrive would generally be way less of a work. HTML+JavaScript+data in JSON, and you don't need anything else. "Graphics" can all be done in CSS and JS and via embedded font like Font-Awesome or similar. So that you only need couple HTML+JS+JSON files altogether, fast to generate, and fast to upload

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