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Is keeping or removing the official Mi Fit app the preferred way?

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I used Notify alongside the official Mi Fit app without problem for half a year. I realized I never needed the latter since I got Notify, so I could even delete it. I, however, have a slight feeling I may have read a comment in Notify that it's better to keep - but I'm not sure. OTOH there seems to be a lot of option in the settings solely related to fixing conflicts between the two app, and I don't quite trust Miui's privacy policy anyway. Should I prefer keeping, or removing the official app?

Note: I often have connection problems as my band doesn't like reconnecting after a disconnection so much. These times both Mi Fit and Notify shows it as disconnected. I don't know if that's related to the question, though.


  • I started off with both apps installed. But after searching for a solution because my phone became slow (all apps, not just n&f) after installing notify&fitness I removed the official app. So far no problems and a faster phone

  • Yes usually one app do things better. Some mi fit versions drains lots of phone battery

  • Thanks for the reply.
    Now I got rid of the official app, but since that I keep failing to connect for the band rejecting it. What should I do?

  • Install the Mi fit app again, UNPAIR via menu in Mi fit app from the watch and then remove the app again.
    REPAIR the N&F app via the menu.

  • When I do that my watch just gives me the two icons of a phone and a watch, like it needs to be connected. The N&F app says it's connected though but the display of the watch gives me nothing. Anyone got a clue?

  • Ok, i often get that when i update the firmware.
    Just go to the Extra/Tools menu and install latest firmware.
    Short description in this link.


    Make sure that you install all the setps and if you get the icons from the watch and phone, just go to the next step and install that to (English language), DO NOT install the step with Chinese characters, unless you want that, just skip that step and go to the next one.
    The last one (GPS) will install and after installation, the watch is still a long time (several minutes) busy without showing the watchface.
    Just be patient and wait. It will come back.

  • Sorry, I forgot to reply - the problem solved itself for the next day. So it was just a transient problem.

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