Notify keeps turning on dont disturb mode

As In title. Every Text notification turn on dont disturb Mode. How disable it?


  • Hi,
    notify app can't turn on do not disturb mode, because that option is even added on app. Please check something other like mi fit app

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    I found why sometimes dnd mode is activated in the phone. Device is Mi Band 2 and I don't have Mi Fit installed.

    When you receive a call you got two options to manage from Mi Band 2:
    - short button push enables dnd mode in the phone, supposed to be momentarily, in order to mute it.
    - long button push hangs up the call.

    When call is ended the dnd mode is supposed to be reverted.

    The problem is that if you push the button more than once the dnd mode is not restored after the call end and remains active. So you need to be careful when use mi band 2 in a call.

    BTW: there is a curious side effect. If you have dnd mode active on purpose in the phone and receive a call, if you hang up it using mi band 2 the dnd mode is disabled. Just the opposite problem.

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