Mi Band keeps disconnecting

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Yesterday I updated the app to 5.0.6. Before I had 4.28.18.
Since than my Mi Band 2 is disconnecting after few minutes after reconnecting it.

It's not coz of Doze or a deep sleep problem, as I just made backup in TWRP (and it prevented Deep Sleep). It lasted 14 minutes. Right after it started, I had to reconnect Mi Band, but when it was finished, band was disconnected again...

Only change was app, so it have to be problem with it.


  • Now I was using Notify and even than band was disconnected. About 30 seconds after reconnecting. And it seems that the app cannot reconnect by itself...

  • Ok. Fixed it by removing old profile (just profile, not all app data) and setting new one.

  • The issue is not related to latest app version. If there is any connection / pairing issues:
    I suggest you to redo pairing with mi band on notify app, so please try proceed with these steps:
    - first check on notify app main left menu if you see "Mi Fit installed" or "Mi Fit NOT installed" correctly
    - open notify app and from left menu do "Replace with new mi band"
    - reopen notify app and allow redo initial pairing

    please check you have enabled notification access for both apps: notify and official mi fit app.
    Please ensure official mi fit app is running correctly on background, otherwise also notify app will not be able stay connected with band.
    To get best results, uninstall official mi fit app

    I suggest you to pair mi band on phone bluetooth settings
    Please keep enabled GPS on your phone

    If you have updated app recently, just try reboot phone.

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