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Firmware update with N&F???

I have removed the Mi fit app, so i cannot see if there are updates for firmware or resources.
In the Tools tab (Extra in Dutch), i see the firmware update option.
If i click on it, i see a page with my current FW version and with buttons for different languages.
Also i see a button for Latest Firmware and 1 button for Custom Firmware.
If i click on the custom button, i can search via filemanager in my own disk.
When i click on latest firmware, i get a wepage from APKMirror, with a button Download at the top, and below it all kinds of versions of the Mi Fit app.

What am i now supposed to do, press the download button and hope it will be a new firmware, since it does not show which version is being downloaded????
How can i find out what version of firmware is available?


  • Ok, i have found that you can indeed do a firmware update, with the N&F for Amazfit, without installing Mi Fit to do it.

    Just like i describe above, do the following:
    1) Go to Tab Tools (in Dutch it is called Extra) on the far right side.
    2) Click on Update Amazfit Firmware
    3) Click on "Latest Firmware" button (not with any version number, just the text)
    4) You see a big red Download button at the top of the page. Click on it.
    5) After the download, you go to a new page which shows the current firmware version and just below it a pull down menu.
    6) Click on the line with "1/2 - Firmware", it will show you also the 2/2 Resources, Font English/Chinese and GPS)
    7) Choose the first (1/2 Firmware) and Choose Start Update
    8) After the update is ready on both the watch AND the phone, click on pull down menu en choose 2/2 Resource.
    9 Again Start Update and wait for it to end on both watch AND phone.
    10 ) Again Choose pulldown menu and choose Font (English Or Chines, whatever you need) and Start Update
    11) Wait for update to end on both watch AND phone and choose GPS in pull down menu.
    12) After this update ends on both watch AND phone, you can close the app and you are ready for use with the new firmware.

  • By the way, if 1 of the steps fails, don't worry.
    Go back one screen, download the firmware again (step 2 and further) and do the step that failed again, sometimes it takes 2 or 3 times but it will work eventually.

  • Thanks Elot!

  • One small note - after the update, my watch was completely in Chinese. I had to pair it with official MiFit app to change it back to English.

  • @Lyon said:
    One small note - after the update, my watch was completely in Chinese. I had to pair it with official MiFit app to change it back to English.

    Step 3 or 4 is installing Chinese. I suppose you did that too.
    Please choose the Step before the Chinese (install English) and skip the Chinese step.

  • Hi guys, I'm new to the forum. :smile: with the latest N&F app 8.10.3 when I try to update the firmware with the latest version it keeps saying it's invalid file. Anyone had this problem and solved it? Thanks for the help.

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